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Years ago I got a BAD case of pink eye that lead to some tearing and scrapes on my cornea; boy oh boy was that painful.  Ever since that happened I’ve always been a little obsessive about my eyes.  If they feel slightly irritated or gritty, I immediately start looking for remedies to soothe them.

This is when I discovered GOJI BERRIES and I’ve never looked back.

Why Goji Berries

In Chinese Medicine, goji berries directly replenish the blood and yin (fluids) of our eyes.  When our eyes are dry, gritty, blurry it is thought that we do not have enough nourishing fluids in our body to keep things moist.  Specifically, the blood and fluids of our liver are thought to be lacking and goji berries are just the trick to fill up that empty well.

You may also benefit from the Blood Building Diet , take the QUIZ to see if you’re needing a boost.

Goji Berry Tea

tea forte

I love Tea Forte cups because they come with lids.

This is so easy, that you’ll become a goji berry addict like me.  Here’s what you do:

  1. Buy a bag of ORGANIC Goji Berries
    (I use Organic Traditions & Navitas brand)

  2. Grab your favourite mug

  3. Boil some water

Toss about 1-2 tbsp of goji berries in the bottom of you mug and fill’er up with boiling water.  I like to cover the top of the mug with a saucer (or I use my favourite Tea Forte Kati cup that has a lid on it) and let it steep for 10 minutes.

Take the lid off and drink it.

It’s very mild tasting and slightly sweet from the berries.  I love eating the plump juicy berries too.  It’s like a drink AND a snack.

**BONUS TIP** If your eyes are RED and BURNING add in a bag of organic green tea, it helps get rid of the inflammation and redness.

How Much and How Often

When my eyes are feeling mighty dry and irritated I drink 3 large mugs a day.  I’ll usually notice an incremental improvement after the first day and by day 3, my eyes will feel a lot better.  I do this for a week and decrease the amount of cups per day as my eyes improve.

You’ll find what works best for you, just go by how you’re feeling.

So run out and get thee some goji berries, okay?  Oh and make sure they’re organic, you don’t want to be steeping some nasty chemicals in your healing elixir. 

Write below to let me know how you’re doing.  Cheers!

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