Got some snotty sinus issues?  Seasonal allergies, a recurring case of sinusitis, post nasal drip, or chronic sinus problems.  If so, listen up because I have a yummy smoothie recipe for you that not only tastes good, but is healing and can reduce your symptoms; it’s part of our New Damp Diet.

Pineapple Ginger Green Smoothie TCM Dampness Chinese Food Therapy

Yin Yang Diet is a collection of healing recipes where food IS your medicine.  Based on Chinese dietary therapy, all foods have specific healing properties and in the right combination can have a powerful therapeutic effect.

When you tailor your diet to meet YOUR specific needs HEALING occurs.  This isn’t a one food cures all, because that simply isn’t true.  For example, let’s say that your sinus problems include dryness and bleeding.  This recipe would not be beneficial to you.

This smoothie won’t heal all sinus issues, only those where mucus is involved.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, mucus is considered a damp substance.  When you have a lot of dampness in the body it can manifest as mucus, water retention, oily skin/hair, and cysts.  It can also take on an invisible form that settles in your joints (which causes joint pain), in your digestive system (which appears as nausea and lack of appetite), or even shows up as hormonal imbalances like PCOS.

This recipe helps to REDUCE dampness in your body.

  • Pineapple is loaded with enzymes to help break down the mucus.

  • Kale is bitter in nature, which helps guide the dampness out of the body.

  • Ginger is pungent and warm, which transforms the mucus into something that can be excreted.

Drink your smoothies at ROOM TEMPERATURE to protect your digestive absorption.

If you drink icy cold smoothies everyday it can snuff out your digestive “fire”.  It’s like pouring ice water on a roaring fire and expect it to keep burning efficiently.  Instead let it get to room temperature and include warming ingredients like ginger and cinnamon to keep your digestion protected and healthy.

Pineapple Ginger Green Smoothie

This is great for a quick breakfast or snack. Be sure to drink at room temperature to protect your digestive “fire”. Consuming a lot of smoothies can impair digestion, so keep these to a maximum of about twice weekly.


– 2 servings

2 cups pineapple chunks

1 small handful of kale (about 1 cup)

2 tsp chunk of ginger, leave the skin on (or more if you like it spicy)

2 cups water or pure coconut water



Place all ingredients into a high powered blender, turn on high for 30 seconds or until it’s smooth and well combined.

Pour into a glass and let it become room temperature before consuming; which is much better for digestion.

This recipe is part of our Damp Diet guide, which includes recipes, food chart, shopping list, beverage recommendations, and other health tips to bring your body back into balance and get rid of your symptoms for good!

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Do you suffer from snotty sinus issues?  If so, post below and ask any questions you may have.  Curious if the Damp Diet is for you – WE CAN HELP. 🙂

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