Want to know how scary it is to do a radio interview after sleeping through your alarm, forgetting to jot down your interview notes, and then finding out the host can’t get through because your phone was on night mode?

Ack! But fear not, business partner to the rescue. At least one of us had our talking points ready to go.

The nerves, the jitters, the sweaty palms and shallow breathing … is this how a rock star feels just before they go on stage?

That rock star feeling

Freddie Mercury Of Queen, on stage. A real rock star moment.

Well, we sure FELT like rock stars when we hit our stride and the interview went off without a hitch. The first time is always the hardest, right? Radio stardom, here we come! (tune in here)


Meanwhile, we’d love for you to have a listen to our very first YYD radio release.

We’ll tempt you here with our favourite parts:

Food is safe, that’s why we chose it as our medicine (2:10 min)

Sara and Tara, the story of how we met (3:45 min)

Are fad diets safe? The dangers of jumping on the latest diet bandwagon  (6:20 min)

Why you feel good at first on the raw food diet, then turn crappy and gassy (7:33 min)

Would you stay on antibiotics forever? (8:43 min)

There’s no such thing as BAD foods (11:40 min)

Yin Yang Baby, an innovative way to introduce food to babies (11:50 min)


Tune in here and please share it if you like it!


Sara & Tara

ps – Are you shocked by our no bad foods comment? Or are you like, “hell, ya, it’s about time. Leave us a comment below, we can’t wait to hear from you.

pps – Listen over here.

I love having gas...said no one ever.

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