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Organic Kale Chips Recipe

This year we grew our first garden.  My hubby is the real green thumb while I'm fumbling around trying to learn all that I can.  We grew some red russian kale last year that went to seed in the spring.  We ended up with thousands of seed pods after...

How to Boost Your Immune System NOW Before Cold Season

Fall is almost upon us. Our children are going back to school, we’re settling back into our work routine, and (if you’re like me) you’re dusting off your container of Fall/Winter clothes. But, for many, the changing season also brings the dreaded...

Baby’s First Foods based on Traditional Chinese Medicine

When I had my son, I entered a steep learning curve on how to be a parent.   Once I graduated from the newborn days, I thought the worst of it was behind me.  Oh boy was I wrong.  I was now entering the complex world of food and what was the best...

How to Make Homemade Cat Food

It probably doesn't surprise you that I make my own cat food, considering I make my own baby formula and created Yin Yang Diet. I'm SUPER passionate about using food as medicine. (take the QUIZ to find out your Yin Yang Diet) Making your very own...

Menopause Diet Chocolate Cookies

A cookie to nourish menopause.....and it's gluten free?  Am I dreaming?  Is this a joke?  No, it does exist! My name is Tara and I'm an acupuncturist.  When people think of acupuncture, they think of tiny little needles that heal pain.  While this...

I love having gas...said no one ever.

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