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It’s time to step on the Yin-Yang elevator and ride back up to the land of energy, clarity, and joie de vivre. Instead of giving you a bunch of food rules to follow, we’re inviting you to break some rules.

We are acupuncturists Sara and Tara, and we’ve simplified the super-effective healing wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine into dietary practices you can easily apply in your very own kitchen, using everyday ingredients.

Key word here: easy. We’re busy working moms, so we made sure there’d be no fussing about with translating esoteric terms or hunting down weird ingredients. A trip to your local grocery store and you’re ready to roll.

The Yin Yang Diet succeeds where other diets fail for two reasons. First, it’s not a fad. Traditional Chinese diet therapy has been tested and proven over thousands of years. And second, it’s not one-size-fits-all. The Yin Yang Diet is tailored to your specific constitution at this moment in time.

I love having gas...said no one ever.

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