Blood Building Diet

Your energy is low, and we don’t mean you’re “feeling a little tired.” More like “drained by a vampire” or “down for the count.”

Welcome to blood deficiency!

In Chinese medicine, blood is seen as housing the mind. That’s why when blood is deficient, you’ll not only feel exhausted, you might also feel ungrounded, forgetful, anxious or depressed. You might look pale and experience dizziness or insomnia.

Your energy, or Qi (say chee), helps blood move through and nourish your body. Qi and blood support each other in a symbiotic relationship. This is why your general sense of vitality — your joie de vivre — takes a dive when your blood is deficient, making life feel like an uphill battle.

You may benefit from the Blood Building Diet if you experience one or more of the following:

Pale lips, tongue, nails dry skin
Dry hair
Hair loss
Blurry vision
Eye floaters
Numbness in limbs

Poor memory
Lack of self esteem

Here’s the good news:

The cure for blood deficiency is in the food you eat.

We’ll get you set up so everything you need to build your blood is right there in your kitchen. Let’s get you nourished.

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Our Blood Building Diet plan includes:


Healthy guidelines

Food chart

Blood building beverages

Activities for building blood

Progress tracking chart

Foods to avoid

Sample meal plans

Grocery lists

Yummy, healing recipes


Bonus: Food Journal

The Blood Building Diet book includes 2 weeks of recipes:

The week 1 Blood Building Diet includes:

3 breakfast recipes

Cherry almond breakfast bites
Hazelnut goji yogurt with drizzled honey
Smoked salmon with poached eggs & greens

3 lunch recipes

Oven baked turkey & Avocado Wraps
Beet salad with crumbled goat cheese & mixed greens
Black bean, cauliflower, & guacamole wraps

7 dinner recipes

Fragrant red curry mussels
Mango & black beans in coconut lime sauce
Ruby red beet & beef borscht
Tuscan white bean & butternut squash soup
Sweet potato fritters with smashed avocado
Glass noodle soup with meatballs
Pinto & quinoa bowls with feta

1 dessert recipe

Ginger molasses cookies

The week 2 Blood Building Diet includes:

3 breakfast recipes

Orange raspberry muffins
Cherry kale smoothie
Avocado & goat cheese breakfast burrito

3 lunch recipes

Smoked fakin’ bacon club sandwich
Kale chickpea raisin salad
Miso soup with veggies & tofu

7 dinner recipes

Saffron-stuffed sweet bell peppers
Vegan walnut rice loaf
Mixed bean & beef chili
Turmeric & ginger dhal
Herb & garlic chicken drums
Beet “pink rice” risotto
Potato-crusted spinach & red pepper quiche

1 dessert recipe

Ginger oat-crusted baked pears

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Tuscan white bean & butternut squash soup 
Sweet potato fritters
Orange raspberry muffins

We are acupuncturists Sara and Tara, and we’ve simplified the super-effective healing wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine into dietary practices you can easily apply in your very own kitchen, using everyday ingredients.

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