Damp Diet

Do you feel like you’re trudging through the mud with a big “out of order” sign on your back?

We get it. You’re here because you’ve landed in one of the trickiest health patterns in Traditional Chinese Medicine, known as Dampness.

Damp can show up as a heavy, tired, sluggish feeling. You may have a noticeable lack of appetite, carry extra weight you can’t seem to lose, or have candida or edema. Even a glass of water might make you feel bloated. You might get colds that trail off into lingering sinus congestion and excess mucus.

TCM describes Dampness as an accumulation of sludge and toxins. Damp is a combo platter of a few health patterns involving all your major organ systems. It’s hard to even know where to start with such a challenging mashup.

With Dampness, everything is heavy and stuck and wants to stay that way. If you’ve noticed an inner resistance to movement and change, well, that’s Damp being the boss of you.

You may benefit from the Damp Diet if you experience one or more of the following:

Lack of appetite
Trouble losing weight

Sinus congestion
Foggy brain
Negative self talk
Lack of motivation

Yes, Dampness is complex. But we’ll get you set up with the tools you need to figure out what works for your body.

Here’s the key to the whole shebang: we’re asking you to put YOU first. Yes, it’s a risk and it’ll probably feel uncomfortable, but we believe you’re up for it.

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Our Damp Diet plan includes:


Healthy guidelines

Food chart

Beverages for draining dampness

Activities for reducing dampness

Progress tracking chart

Foods to avoid

Sample meal plans

Grocery lists

Yummy, healing recipes


Bonus: Food Journal

The Damp Diet book includes 2 weeks of recipes:

The week 1 Damp Diet includes:

3 breakfast recipes

Apple carrot cinnamon muffins
Savoury breakfast polenta
Smokey sweet potato hash with brussel sprouts

3 lunch recipes

Salmon salad sandwich
Broccoli chicken pasta salad
Smashed chickpea buddha bowl

7 dinner recipes

Cauliflower tacos with pineapple salsa
White bean turkey chili
Moroccan butterflied roast chicken & lemon cauliflower
Crispy kale chip buddha bowl with noocho cheese
Comforting chicken rice soup
Honey dijon dill baked salmon
Carrot sweet potato soup

1 dessert recipe

Apple blondie brownies

The week 2 Damp Diet includes:

3 breakfast recipes

Hot rice cereal with seeds & berries
Quinoa & red bean breakfast hash
Pineapple ginger green smoothie

3 lunch recipes

Vietnamese salad rolls
Lemon tuna on rye
Asian barley & exotic mushroom soup

7 dinner recipes

Turkey tacos with fresh papaya salsa
Wild rice & leek stuffed portobello mushrooms
Soba noodles with asparagus & enoki
Lemon basil halibut
Succulent slow-cooker chicken with daikon carrot slaw
Adzuki bean & squash soup with yummy veggies
Zesty turkey meatballs & noodles

1 dessert recipe

Pumpkin spice bread

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Vietnamese salad rolls
Pineapple ginger green smoothie
Turkey tacos with fresh papaya salsa

We are acupuncturists Sara and Tara, and we’ve simplified the super-effective healing wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine into dietary practices you can easily apply in your very own kitchen, using everyday ingredients.

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