Qi Diet

Let’s face it, you’ve lost your sparkle. Your energy is at an all-time low, your appetite isn’t what it used to be, and brain fog rolls in at the most inconvenient moments.

Your meals are followed by a symphony of gas and burping, and you get so bloated that you end up bursting out of your pants — the ones that fit you this morning!

You may even burst into a sweat for no reason or find yourself a little short of breath.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine this is called Qi deficiency. Qi (say chee) is energy, vitality, and so much more. Depleted Qi means you don’t have enough energy to efficiently digest your food or even to know when you need to stop and chill out.

Your body is crying out for deep nourishment.

You may benefit from the Qi Diet if you experience one or more of the following:

Digestive discomfort
Runny nose

Shortness of breath
Low energy levels

You’re here because your body is crashing and you need to step in and take action.

We’re here to help you rebuild your Qi.

You’ll feel revived physically, mentally and emotionally. Goodbye exhaustion, hello energy, optimism and peace.

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Our Qi Deficiency diet plan includes:


Healthy guidelines

Food chart

Qi building beverages

Activities for building qi

Progress tracking chart

Foods to avoid

Sample meal plans

Grocery lists

Yummy, healing recipes


Bonus: Food Journal

The Qi Diet book includes 2 weeks of recipes:

The week 1 Qi Diet includes:

3 breakfast recipes

Orange cranberry breakfast scones
Pumpkin pie spice smoothie
Savoury breakfast polenta

3 lunch recipes

Chickpea “tuna” salad sandwich
Honey lime sesame salad in a jar
Turmeric ginger noodle soup

7 dinner recipes

Orange basil roast chicken
Savoy cabbage & shiitake stuffed yams
Zesty cilantro turkey meatballs
Garden-gathered chickpea soup
Saffron-stuffed organic sweet bell peppers
Yam quesadillas with walnut basil pesto
Kale mushroom & sweet corn congee

1 dessert recipe

Vanilla strawberry apple crisp

The week 2 Qi Diet includes:

3 breakfast recipes

Apple cinnamon brown rice muffins
Strawberry apple pie smoothie
Cinnamon-currant baked oatmeal

3 lunch recipes

Cauliflower black bean and roasted red pepper wraps
Chickpea hummus platter
Sesame chicken pasta salad

7 dinner recipes

Hummus beef burgers
Garlic butter mushrooms with yellow rice
Rosemary lemon roast chicken & root veggies
Creamy butternut parsnip apple soup
Savoury shepherd’s pie
Mom’s nomato beef stew
Sweet potato fennel congee

1 dessert recipe

Orange zest rice pudding

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Vanilla strawberry apple crisp
Saffron-stuffed organic sweet bell peppers
Savoury shepherd's pie

We are acupuncturists Sara and Tara, and we’ve simplified the super-effective healing wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine into dietary practices you can easily apply in your very own kitchen, using everyday ingredients.

I love having gas...said no one ever.

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