Yin Diet

Pssst, hey you. Yes, you, the one who gets more done in a day than anyone else. The super-achiever who feels so good when others rave about your ability to tear through tasks at warp speed.

What could possibly go wrong with whipping through life like a Tasmanian Devil, trailing a wake of (self) destruction?

Well, here’s the deal: your pace is unsustainable.

You’ve been running on fumes for a while now, probably years. Simply put, you’re exhausted. You dream of finding that magical Fountain of Youth, but you’ve tried everything and nothing brings back your old pizzazz.

When Yin is deficient, your nervous system is strung out, leading to a typical pattern of symptoms.

You may benefit from the Yin Diet if you experience one or more of the following:

Hot flashes
Night sweats
Low-grade fever
Hot hands and feet
A flushed face
Sore joints
Dry cough
Dry mouth and throat

Tendency to sip small amounts of fluid all day
Getting easily agitated
Feeling frazzled
Feeling anxious
Tendency toward self-criticism

No more running on fumes. Kiss false energy goodbye.

You might not even return to your regular cuppa Joe because you’ve grown to love having energy that’s steady, calm, and grounded.

With our Yin Diet your battery will be charged up with the goodness of whole, nourishing foods.

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Our Yin Diet plan includes:


Healthy guidelines

Food chart

Yin building beverages

Activities for building Yin

Progress tracking chart

Foods to avoid

Sample meal plans

Grocery lists

Yummy, healing recipes


Bonus: Food Journal

The Yin Diet book includes 2 weeks of recipes:

The week 1 Yin Diet includes:

3 breakfast recipes

Banana teff pancakes with fresh berries
Cacao berry smoothie
Mulberry walnut banana oatmeal

3 lunch recipes

Lemon chestnut tuna salad
Beet salad with crumbled goat cheese & black sesame seeds
Miso soup with veggies & tofu

7 dinner recipes

Cauliflower-crusted pizza
Sautéed portobello with crumbled goat cheese & millet
Fish tacos
Niçoise salad
Basil zucchini quinoa soup
Cilantro mung beans & rice
Glass noodle soup with meatballs

1 dessert recipe

Delicious black bean brownies

The week 2 Yin Diet includes:

3 breakfast recipes:

Lemon blueberry “top of the muffin to you!”
Blueberry pear smoothie
Sweet potato hash with eggs & mixed greens

3 lunch recipes

Deli ham & avocado wraps
Barley mushroom cucumber salad
Mung bean hummus platter

7 dinner recipes

Black bean burgers
Stuffed acorn squash
Pan-seared lemon fish with roasted root vegetables
Lemon quinoa soup
Beet risotto
Swiss chard bacon frittata
Super green veggie & chestnut stir-fry

1 dessert recipe

Caramelized bananas with raspberries

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Black bean burgers
Blueberry pear smoothie
Nicoise salad

We are acupuncturists Sara and Tara, and we’ve simplified the super-effective healing wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine into dietary practices you can easily apply in your very own kitchen, using everyday ingredients.

I love having gas...said no one ever.

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