The yin yang quiz

Welcome to the Yin Yang Diet quiz

Find out where you’re at NOW and how to rebalance your body and mind using food as medicine.

Based on your quiz results, you’ll learn how to combine foods into specific “food formulas” to relieve your symptoms and rebuild your resilience.

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1) Are you Yin Deficient?

Do you get thirsty or have a dry mouth, with no desire to drink?

Do you get night sweats?

Are you restless?

Do you experience ringing of the ears (tinnitus) or vertigo that’s gradually worsening?

Do you feel tired and wired at the same time?

Do you like to sip coffee or soft drinks throughout the day?

Do you get red, flushed cheeks, especially in the afternoon or evening?

Do you have insomnia?

Do you feel anxious, irritable, and/or like your mind is racing?

Do you have a hard time relaxing?

Is your memory poor?

Is your lower back sore or weak?

Are you peri- or menopausal with hot flashes?

Do you have vaginal dryness?

2) Are you Qi Deficient? 

Do you have low energy or feel fatigued?

Do you feel emotionally unsupported and crave empathy from others?

Do you find yourself overthinking or worrying a lot?

Do you have a poor appetite?

At the end of the day is your belly visibly distended?

Do you have food allergies or sensitivities and/or crave sweets?

Do you experience bloating, burping, and/or gas?

Do you feel exhausted in the afternoon, particularly after lunch?

Are your bowel movements frequently loose or alternating between loose and constipated?

Do you usually feel cold, especially your hands, feet, or nose?

Do you frequently catch colds and flus and recover slowly?

Do you sweat spontaneously, without exertion?

Do you bruise easily?

Do you have hypothyroidism?

3) Are you Blood Deficient? 

Are your nails dry and brittle?

Are your nails, lips, and/or tongue pale in colour?

Are you anemic?

Do you have a poor memory?

Do you often feel dizzy or lightheaded?

Do you have dry skin?

Do you experience shortness of breath?

Do you have hair loss?

Is your hair dry and brittle?

Do you experience dizziness?

Do you have blurred vision?

Do you have eye floaters?

Do you experience night blindness or reduced night vision?

Is your menstruation absent (amenorrhea) or less than 4 days long?

4) Do you have Dampness? 

Are your bowel movements frequently loose or alternating between loose and constipated?

Do you crave diet Coke/Pepsi?

Do you experience bloating, lack of appetite, nausea and/or vomiting?

Do you have extra weight that's hard to lose?

Do you have symptoms of candida (yeast) or fungal infections?

Are you mentally foggy?

Do you find yourself overthinking and worrying a lot?

Do you have low energy or feel fatigued?

Do you feel apathetic or have a lack of motivation?

Do your head or limbs feel heavy and sluggish?

Do you have a lot of mucus?

Do you feel puffy from edema (water retention) in arms, legs, and face?

Is your hair or skin oily/greasy?

Do you have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)?

5) Do you have Liver Qi Stagnation? 

Are you prone to depression or feeling irritable, angry, or frustrated?

Do you sigh frequently?

Do your symptoms get worse with stress or negative emotions?

Do you feel “stuck” in life?

Do you feel like something is stuck in your throat, when there’s nothing there?

Do you have insomnia?

Do you frequently get headaches or migraines?

Do you experience rib cage soreness and tightness?

Do you experience muscle or tendon pain, stiffness, or tightness?

Do you have dry, red, or irritated eyes?

Do you grind your teeth and/or clench your jaw?

Are you prone to PMS (bloating, breast tenderness, or irritability)?

Have you been diagnosed with high prolactin levels?

Do you experience nipple pain and/or discharge?

I love having gas...said no one ever.

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